Shining Lights Trust | Our Team
We are a strategic resourcing ministry. We aim to help equip and encourage the Christian Church in sharing the message of God’s love to a world in need of hope.
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Our Team

Helping the CHURCH see afresh what it has

Dave with family returned to New Zealand at the end of 2010, after eight and a half years in Singapore. Their goal was to try a few things in the area of helping the NZ Church with outreach - this ministry being the vehicle.

Dave Mann

Tony Collis-smll

Tony joined the Hope Project team in support roles in 2014, and as a team member from June 2015. Tony's ministry experience includes National Director of OAC Ministries, and Senior Pastor of Hope Centre, Levin.

Tony Collis

Presenter | Consultant

Darren lives in Tauranga with wife Lyree and their 2 children. Director of a Marketing Company, Darren got involved at the inception of the vision, drawn in by the goal to reach our nation for Christ in a new and dynamic way.

Darren Woodward

Board Member

Wes joined the Board in 2013, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, faith and business experience to the team. He is Owner and Director at Brinkman Consulting Limited based in Tauranga.

Wes Brinkman

Board Member

Alan with wife Elena, pastor a church in Tauranga. Alan is passionate about the Church in New Zealand fulfilling its God given mandate - to reach the lost.

Alan Hood

Board Member
Angela Pedersen 2018

Angela is the founder and MD of 'Oh Baby', a popular New Zealand mothers magazine. She is married to Royce and they have two daughters and one son, and joined the Shining Lights Trust board from the beginning of 2018.

Angela Pedersen

Board member
Ange Heyward

Ange lives in Tauranga with her young daughter. With a previous career in Event Management, Ange is now using her administrative and organisational skills to assist Dave as his Personal Assistant.

Ange Heyward

Administration and volunteer team leader, and PA to Dave Mann

Norman and Barbara came to our team with a wealth of experience, to help with hands-out outreaching efforts, some administration, and in communicating with pastors. Their backgrounds include business, teaching, nursing, midwifery and chaplaincy.

Norman & Barbara Sutton

HP Regional Reps coordinators

Beau has been involved with many of the Shining Lights projects, providing graphic support and developing material.

Beau Spicer

Graphic Designer

Sharyn works part-time in the office, looking after accounts and donations.

Sharyn Weeks


Luke & wife Jess are Christian workers in NZ who actively promote the 'God-talk' resource for youth, youth ministries and Christian groups in schools.

Luke Collis

Youth evangelism advocate
Zara Smith 2018

Zara is an intern for her church Tauranga and will be working with Godtalk during her internship. She is involved in both the young adults and youth group and has a passion for seeing a change in outreaching culture among young people take place.

Zara Smith

GODtalk communications and media guru

Susan manages all the Trusts accounts through her Accountancy business in Tauranga - while she often lives in India from where she does her NZ work, and supports an orphanage with her husband Ian.

Susan Gernhoefer


Million Booklets distributed to Homes in 2014-2016


Million New Zealanders viewed TV ads in each of the 3 media phases


churches are partnered with the Hope Project and


+ web-engagements during the Hope Project