We are a strategic resourcing ministry. We aim to help equip and encourage the Christian Church in sharing the message of God’s love to a world in need of hope.
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Past, current and future projects by Shining Lights Trust

Our Projects

The below projects exists to fill gaps in the Christian outreach of our nation, from a strategic point of view.

  • Our nation is in desperate need of hope
  • The Christian faith offers unparalleled hope (A God who love us, and who has a plan and hope are greater than the evils and sufferings we currently live amongst)
  • There is nothing offensive about sharing the Christian message of hope – so long as the manner is respectful.
  • Christian faith brings a unique level of positive change to peoples lives – most easily demonstrated by faith-based programs with prisonsers, drug addicts, marriages and the like.

We are currently working in about 12 different areas of innovation. 

INVESTORS VIDEO: While this older investors video (2016-2017) only 3 or 4 of these 12 areas, it might be useful for some. You can view it here.


Current new projects that are being worked on include:

Hope Project 2018 onwards:  A public Christian voice, three times per year

Following the success of the Hope Project 2014 to 2016 it was decided to attempt three manual media efforts. This decision was made in response to recognised cultural trends that included the continued removing of remaining Christin icons within our nation.

  1.  The Hope Project at Easter – to put Christ back into Easter
  2. A Christmas effort – to put Christ back into Christmas
  3. A valentines effort – to highlight what churches are doing for families

The Easter effort is the largest – including booklets to most NZ homes nationally, and considerable success in encouraging local churches to equip members with conversational skills for outreach through their pulpits and small groups.

Find out more at a or

Public websites connected with this include and plus a couple of FB pages and a couple of youtube channels.


The principles that led to the success of these projects cold certainly be duplicated in other nations.

For more, contact Dave Mann, Hope Project NZ Coordinator and Shining Lights Trust director.

If you are from another country and interested
to find out more about the Hope Project, please be in touch.

All Together Consulting

While it is essential for the future of the Christian Church in our nation that Christian believers learn the art of conversation – so public conversations can be better engaged with, it remains that a one-off training will not achieve this. It is HABITS that form culture – and it is only through a sustainable culture of conversational outreach that members will actually be mobilised.

We consider encouraging pastors in these habits to be  our most significant work.Find out more at

If you are a Pastor/key church leader and struggling to mobilise your members as pro-active witnesses in every-day life – be in touch to receive the monthly pastors updates.

Godtalk – a youth outreach innovation

Through meeting with pastors’ groups throughout the nation in 2015-2016 we estimated that youth ministry attendance was then sitting at about 1/3 of what it was 25 years ago. Given that about 85% of those who come to faith do so before the age of 20, we considered an obvious area for fresh innovation.

The aims to see outreach equipping taking place in every youth ministry in this nation (as encouraged by pastors), and those youth encouraged (by their youth leaders) to pray together in their schools about how they might best represent God and his love in their school.

  • Support resources exist at
  • Monthly e-updates connect youth and youth leaders with resources, ideas and fresh stories
  • Regional ‘Godtalk Talent Quests’ esteem the above stated goals – while encouraging youth in the use of creative and cultural arts in their communication of Christian message – and all in a manner suiting the public square / school environment.
  • Regional Godtalk reps encourage local youth leaders in their embracing of the goals, and utilisation of the video, email and programme resources.
  • And the national Director, Raki Wiringi, keeps this all going

It’s a unique and needed effort – in need of support. While it has 450 subscribers and 250 youth ministries connected, it haas almost no financial support yet (December 2018). It is a faith risk – needing a visionary support-community.

Find out more at   

If you are a youth or youth leader and want to know more – be in touch and we’ll update you as things develop.

10 Day Challenge – a unique discipleship tool and app

While many printed resources exist for the discipling of people with new interest in the Christian faith, we identified the lack of a simple digital resource that could work on a laptop of phone. was resulting innovatoin

  • It includes 10 basic discipleship videos (5mins each)with discussion/reflection questions
  • Also a testimony series to encourage faith
  • A ‘Faith Q&A’ series to answer questions
  • A ‘Find a church near you’ map to help connect people to local churches
  • And is also available as an app (search ‘Why Jesus?’ at the app store)

More recently we are

  • Building a ‘gospel bot’ that will share Christian messages with interested people, based out of a new FB page
  • We hope to have this bot available t the website and in the app shortly also
  • Leonard has been placed in charge of this area of innovation.

It is a unique resource – and freely available to churches.

Very basic funding is needed.

Freely be in touch.

Global Outreach Day — NZ and Australia-Pacific

Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) is the largest evangelism mobilisation effort in human history. It takes place on the last Saturday of each month – though in a growing number of countries, it has been catalytic for them committing the entire month of May to outreach annually.

Dave Mann is the Australia-Pacific Coordinator for G.O.D. His role is to encourage people in different nations to consider the opportunity – in partnership with Christian believers internationally.

2020 is the current global focus, with a vision to see 100m believers mobilised to communicate the Christian message with 1 billion people. Major organisations including the likes of Cru and YWAM are involved – and many international Christian speakers and preachers

Basic funding is needed to enable the spread of this catalytic initiative in the Pacific region. We are without funds for even basic flights and media.

Freely be in touch.

AllTogether Equip: Highly effective and broad-reaching equipping strategies

E.g. ‘Because we care’ – wide-reaching outreach-equipping video series

Because people were reluctant to attend outreach-training seminars Dave investigated videos., Because few would watch 20 minute videoed seminars, Dave attempted 5 minute videos. A first series in 2012 had an estimated 40,000 NZ Christians viewing 3 or more of the videos. Dave has since begun to re-create these with a budget. See

However, there are outlines for 26 videos. Draft scripts for the next 10 are ready. To record them – while also recording youth versions, requires $25,000.

E.g. Itinerancy around NZ to connect with city pastors’ groups

The Shining Lights Trust team have travelled nationally 6 times, visiting with pastors’ groups in 60 to 70 cities.towns each time. Dave has been involved every time – with Tony Collis participating in the most recent three national efforts.

Three of these trips have also included evening programmes for combined church attendance, and youth leader encouragement.

The role of City Pastors’ groups in national mission is highly under-rated. We value these groups and consider time with them a privilege.

In 2019 our team embarks on its seventh national trip – with Tony Collis as the primary presenter.

E.g. ‘Reaching people you don’t know’ – video series 

This series is for ‘evangelism teams’ in churches, and was fronted by Stu Millar of Train To Proclaim. Every video comes with a discussion guide for small group use. It’s an amazing resource, found for free online

E.g. Cornerstone Discipleship Series

Another series Dave experimented with was of some concise discipleship videos. Three series are created. Use did not justify the effort at this time – although 18 series of 5 videos are outlined. See

This resource would need investors, plus also core funding to enable a management staff to join our team, before Dave could complete it.

If you would like to get behind this initiative
by contributing to funding, please get in touch
to discuss how we can make this happen.

Engage Conference (NZ)

This national outreach conference has been run in 2016, 2017 and 2018 nationally – while a dozen regional conferences took place before that.

It has uniquely sought to put Kiwi outreaching practitioners on the stage – and from a wide range of areas of application. This contrast with the common conference approach – which makes heroes of big church pastors, or overseas pastors.

It has also uniquely brought together about 30 outreaching organisations, with about 20 formally partnering in the conference each time (while others are also in attendance).

A “Pastors’ Morning” prior to the conference has provided a strategic platform for discussing the purpose and potential of united effort ta the city level throughout our nation.

There is no Engage Conference in 2019 due to only moderate attendance in 2018. Dave assesses that the personal hunger for motivation still ‘out-ranks’ our readiness for strategy in our local application, some of which can only be learnt from home-grown heroes.

Engage might next happen in 2020. See

Want to receive our monthly ‘news and prayer updates’? Let us know your email.

Biculturalism and Christian Heritage

Two key questions in our society are

  • Are we a Christian nation? Most would think we are not, but we are (at the VERY least) significantly ‘Christian’ – as measured by heritage and values.
  • Was Christianity an imposition of colonisation? Most would think it was – but history quickly shows the opposite to be true, for our missionaries were a  force here that stood against colonisation.

It is essential that the history sitting behind these two areas become known, because it is identity-informing for us as a nation.

The SLT are therefore engaged in a few efforts, purposed to help New Zealanders know their own heritage and identity.

There are projects in play, or in planning, that could have significant effect. Funding is a key need!

For previous projects related to this consider

  • Hope Projects unique communication of bicultural stories in the public square (where most other efforts by the Christian community following the ‘Gospel Bicentenary’ of 2014 were ‘in house’)
  • The Chronicles of Paki illustrated history series
Want to know more? Be in touch!

Encouraging the role of pastors’ groups in NZ cities and towns

Churches are losing ground nationally at an astounding rate. However, the picture is only seen through constant travel – which we’ve been privileged to do.

  • We know of places where churches are not allowed to participate in Christmas parades
  • We know of places where community carol gatherings are run by councils – with no carols with Christian lyrics included
  • In many business districts, nativity scenes are not found – and in some this is because of decisions to exclude them

Much more could be said. In short, we believe our connection with city pastors’ groups to be a vital part of this work, and also something that could hold significant value for all churches nationally.

Resistance to any form of leadership in this area is very strong. So we seek to encourage – while sharing vision.

Prayer is our key need here. The 80% majority of non-church people in our nation have no connection with the Christian faith in an average yet -except for initiatives sitting on the ‘combined church’ platform at the city and national levels.

BOOK:  God-willing, in 2019 Dave will be publishing a book titled ‘In One Spirit’ – which speaks about Church leadership mission at the city and national levels (as contrasted with the individual church, small group, or denominational framework). Funding is needed to be able to gift this book to all pastors our team connect with in person in 2019 (estimate 800).

Similarly, Tony Collis is writing a book about Church-based children’s ministry and titled ‘One Million Children’. We would love to gift this to the same pastors, to raise he esteem of innovation and fresh vision in this vital area.

Want to know more? Be in touch!

Releasing resources to international audiences

Our ‘Outreaching Culture’ strategy (via All Together Consulting) is now being promoted by Stu Millar as a part of his  ‘Global Outreach Day’ (G.O.D.) work in Australia.

Chris Malcolm has joined our team as a volunteer  to see if he can get some of our digital resources (like videos or sermon/study resource) being utilised overseas – whether via download, or via play on Christian TV. The potential reach of these outreach equipping resources is significant.

(See the sermon series resources at

Want to know more? Be in touch!

‘Why Christians believe’ – booklet series to stem the loss of young adults from churches

After a 6 years delay, Dave desires to complete a series of 7 booklets, currently titled ‘Why Christians believe.’

  • The booklets cover 7 areas of apologetics – to give sound and broad perspective and information yet in a simple and concise way.
  • The tone is respectful toward those who do not believe also – giving the series a unique tone.
  • The series is being created because Dave does not know of it’s comparison.
  • The vision would be for 20,000 or more youth and young adults to be gifted the series by their churches
  • E.g. Gift a booklet and then discuss it. Then tell them they get the next in the series for free if they come back for the discussion the next week etc.

Without certain knowledge, young people are vulnerable to those who ‘preach’ doubt. Funding would be needed to design the series, and then to discount its sale price to around $4 per series – making the goal of 20,000 or more sales to church achievable. (E.g. a church with 40 youth and young adults only need to invest $160 to have a series for them all – and might quickly purchase 40 more as spares for members and others).

Want to know more? Be in touch!